IG in Göttingen (2019)

Migration and the Rule of Law

Call for Papers:

3 April 2019

Göttingen, Germany

ESIL Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law event in the framework of the ESIL Research Forum on ‘The International Rule of Law and Domestic Dimensions: Synergies and Challenges’


On Wednesday, 3 April 2019, the ESIL Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law (IG MigRefLaw) will organise a side-event in the framework of the ESIL Research Forum, Göttingen, which targets scholars at an early stage of their careers. This year’s theme of the Research Forum concerns the rule of law in international and domestic contexts.

The IG MigRefLaw will pick up this topic by focusing on the function and implications of the rule of law in migration issues. The organising committee for this event therefore welcomes proposals for papers addressing mainly (but not limited to) the following themes:

  • The rule of law and appropriate state responses to migratory movements;
  • The place and role of the rule of law in the global migration governance;
  • The rule of law and its application/interpretation by domestic and international courts and tribunals, in the context of fundamental rights of migrants and refugees, and/or forcibly displaced persons;
  • The rule of law in the reception policies of migrants, refugees and/or forcibly displaced persons;
  • The role of regional and international organisations in supporting the rule of law in national legal, administrative and judicial processes, when dealing with migration issues;
  • The rule of law in EU Member States and implications for cooperation in Europe in the field of migration and asylum.

Abstracts written in English or French (no more than 500 words) should be submitted to migreflaw@gmail.com by 10 December 2018. Please also include your contact information and affiliation.

Important information: All those who take part in the ESIL Research Forum, at an Interest Group event and/or in the main Forum, are expected to be ESIL members at the time of their participation. Selected speakers will be expected to bear the costs of their own travel and accommodation. Some ESIL travel grants will be available to offer partial financial support to speakers who have exhausted other potential sources of funding. Please see the ESIL website (www.esil-sedi.eu) for information about travel grants offered to ESIL members and other relevant information about the Research Forum. 


The event’s organising committee

IG MigRefLaw Coordinating Committee:                        Co-organisers:

Kristof Gombeer                                                                   Giovanni Carlo Bruno

Tamás Molnár                                                                      Adriana Di Stefano

Tom Syring                                                                           Maria Varaki

Daniela Vitiello