IG in Göttingen (2019)

Migration and the Rule of Law

3 April 2019

Göttingen, Germany

ESIL Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law event in the framework of the ESIL Research Forum on ‘The International Rule of Law and Domestic Dimensions: Synergies and Challenges’


On Wednesday, 3 April 2019, the ESIL Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law (IG MigRefLaw) organises a side-event in the framework of the ESIL Research Forum, Göttingen, which targets scholars at an early stage of their careers. This year’s theme of the Research Forum concerns the rule of law in international and domestic contexts.

The IG MigRefLaw will pick up this topic by focusing on the function and implications of the rule of law in migration issues.




10:00 – 10:15   Welcome and Introduction to Panel I

Tamás Molnár, Tom Syring

10:15 – 13:00    Panel I – Migration and Asylum, the Rule of Law and Universal Values: A Multi-dimensional Analysis

Chair:   Giovanni Carlo Bruno

Paper presentations:

Otto Spijkers, Claudia Candelmo, Francesco Cherubini, The Value of Human Dignity in Global and Regional Migration Governance

Sebastian Meyer, The Spheres of EU Migration Management: A Challenge to the Rule of Law?

Danielle Annoni, Is There an American International Regime for the Protection of Migrants and Refugees?

Pierfrancesco Rossi, National Courts’ Contribution to the International Rule of Law in the Field of Migration: Insights from the Italian Case Law

Eleonora Frasca, Towards a Privatization of Protection? Private Sponsorship Programs in Europe and the Rule of Law

Discussants:                Kristof Gombeer, Maria Varaki




14:00 – 14:15    Introduction to Panel II

Kristof Gombeer, Daniela Vitiello

14:15 – 17:00    Panel II – Migration and Asylum, the Rule of Law and the Refugee Crisis: European Exceptionalism versus National Approaches

Chair:   Tom Syring

Marguerite Guiresse, La jurisprudence du principe de confiance mutuelle et le système commun européen d’asile : Efficacité et/ou Etat de droit ?

Emmanuelle Rigaud, L’Etat de droit et les agences européennes en matière d’asile

Monica Parodi, The Respect of the Rule of Law in the EU Member States’ Legislation on Asylum: Which Role for the EU?

Themistoklis Tzimas, The “Hotspots” Approach and the Rule of Law: The “Greek” Experience in Relation to Mass, Administrative Detention

Giorgia Lo Tauro, Giuliana Quattrocchi, Managing Migration Flows at the European Union Borders. The Role of Bosnia and Herzegovina Dealing with the Refugee Crisis in the Western Balkans

Discussants:                  Adriana Di Stefano, Daniela Vitiello