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The Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law (MigRefLaw) is one of the interest groups of the European Society of International Law. The Interest Group focuses on the law and policy of states and international organisations with regard to people who seek entry to their communities. The movement of people across borders is a defining reality of our time. This Interest Group aims to provide a forum for discussion on the legal principles and processes governing the movement of people as well as their reception in host communities. By doing so, the group hopes to build a shared knowledge base among ESIL members interested in migration and refugee law. The Interest Group has about 280 members.


The Interest Group has a Coordinating Committee consisting of Kristof Gombeer, Tom Syring, Tamás Molnár and Daniela Vitiello.

If you have any comments on this website or if you think you have interesting content (a blog, events, a call for papers, etc.), please contact us at: migreflaw@gmail.com