Blog symposium

The UN Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees: the Twin Peaks?

˗ Call for Contributions for a blog symposium on EJIL:Talk! ˗

The UN Global Compacts are a laboratory for the development of new models of cooperation in the governance of migration and refugee flows. At the same time, their symbolic power as instruments to be adopted at the universal level has raised expectancies that they may embody potential answers to the fragmentation of the international legal regime governing international migration, including forced mobility.
The UN Global Compacts are at the end of a two-year negotiation process: the Marrakech Conference will formally adopt the Global Compact on Migration in December 2018, whereas the UN General Assembly will, also by the end of 2018, endorse the Global Compact on Refugees. Nonetheless, the legal academic debate on their scope, content, pitfalls and innovations is still in its infancy.

With a view to achieving a lively debate on the UN Global Compacts from a legal perspective, the ESIL Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law organises a blog symposium in the winter of 2018-2019. The blog symposium will feature three or four contributions by different members of the Interest Group, introduced by a post written by the IG conveners. The objective of the blog symposium is twofold.
First, interested IG members select an aspect, preferably a cross-cutting one, of the new governance of refugee and migrant mobility in order to evaluate how, notwithstanding the soft law nature of the Compacts, it may impact the existing rules of international law and affect the legal position of aliens under international law.

Second, contributors carry out a comparative analysis of selected aspects of both Global Compacts, aimed at assessing the potential impact of the complementarity between the two instruments on the fragmentation of international migration and refugee law.
As the blog symposium is intended to stimulate a dialogue among all contributors, each participating IG member is encouraged to critically engage with the outcomes of others by replying to their arguments. To make this possible, the selected abstracts will be shared among all participating IG members. Abstracts (not exceeding 500 words) should be sent to by 7 November 2018 (Wednesday).

Subject to the Editors’ approval, the blog symposium will be published on EJIL:Talk!, which has a broad academic and professional readership. Contributions should not exceed 1500 words and need to comply with the requirements set forth in the EJIL: Talk! authors’ guide. Contributions will be reviewed and edited by both the Coordinating Committee of the Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law and by the Editors of EJIL:Talk!.