Call for papers: “Africa and Migration Flows: from Repression to Circular Migration – Legal and Socio-Political Implications of a Paradigm Shift”

On the occasion of the re-launch of its “Focus – Africa“, the online law journal has issued a call for papers entitled “Africa and Migration Flows: from Repression to Circular Migration – Legal and Socio-Political Implications of a Paradigm Shift“.

The African demographic explosion is apparent from the most recent data. Today, one sixth of the world population lives in Africa, and already in 2050 one fourth of the nine billion people will be African – to become more than a third of the world population at the end of the 21st century. These long-term and structural features cannot be dealt with through a purely emergency approach, nor on the grounds of the traditional repressive/regressive model focused on building walls or a “fortress Europe” surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Rather, it is crucial to build an international governance of migration flows based on shared values, new policies and innovative tools. This approach not only serves Africa’s interests, fostering human development, but also that of the European Union and its Member States.

The call for papers welcomes scholars interested in these issues to contribute with analyses, critiques and proposal to tackle the challenges of what is shaping up to be “the African century” from several points of view. In this context, enquiries on the role of law in the regulation of African migration flows with a special – but not exclusive – reference to the promotion of circular migration are particularly encouraged. welcomes contributions on legal, socio-economic, historical and political matters. Papers may be sent in Italian, English, French or Spanish. Abstracts specifying the chosen topic (maximum 800 words) must be submitted by 15 March 2017 to the e-mail address

More information on this call for proposals can be found here.

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