Multilayered Governance: More Coherence for the International Migration Regime?

NCCR on the Move organizes a two-day workshop, to be held at University of Bern (Switzerland) on Wednesday, 27 April and Thursday, 28 April 2016, examines how current migration challenges could be resolved through the concept of multilayered governance (MLG). As counterproject to constitutionalism and statehood, MLG transforms through constructivist “layering” and “blurring” hegemonies such as universal international law and (host) state control.

By adding layers (regional, supranational, multilateral) to the national ones, MLG re-engages with reciprocity, invites plural values and construes flexible structures. It is thus well-equipped to screen international migration law, which has been criticized for substance lacking architecture. The conference will transpose the research agenda of MLG to the field of international migration law and discuss why constructing coherence for a regime as highly divided and as deeply complex as migration remains challenging. 

The call for papers can be found here. Deadline for submission of paper proposals is 23 December 2015.

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