Winter Course: Migration in the margins of Europe

The Institute for Migration & Ethnic Studies (IMES), The Netherlands Institute at Athens, The Netherlands Institute in Turkey, organize together a winter school for Master and PhD on Migration in the margins of Europe: From Istanbul to Athens in January 4 – 31, 2016.

A major part of the seminar will focus on how immigrants experience the new conditions after the collapse of the eastern Block and the larger socioeconomic transformations in Africa and Asia, and how they adapt in the new new cultural contexts.

How do the new migrants experience their mobility from Turkey to Greece, how do they view Europe and what expectations, aspirations and dreams do they have? How is Turkey different from Greece and in what ways do Istanbul and Athens become homes, or merely transit points?

The course will be supplemented with a small field research in both Istanbul and Athens; students will be able to contribute to our migration project by recording and illustrating life experiences of various migrants.

More information about the winter course can be found here. Deadline for applying is 9 November 2015. 

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