Social media project ‘Rays of Hope’

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights has launched the social media project #RaysOfHope in which he intends to promote positive initiatives in favour of refugees.

Here is his message:

Very often during my work I have encountered inadequate immigration and asylum laws and policies in many European states. I have become seriously concerned by the increasingly xenophobic political rhetoric which influences public debate about migration in some countries. At the same time, I have also come across laudable initiatives undertaken by ordinary European citizens to help migrants, including asylum-seekers, and to push for policy change. I call them “rays of hope” – and I want to share them with you.

From today until 9 November you will find on my Facebook page and Twitter some of the stories that have struck me the most. Soon you can also join me on Thunderclap ( to urge the EU and European countries to finally adopt a migration policy which makes sense and is fully aligned with European human rights standards.

I encourage you to interact, like and retweet these initiatives. By speaking more regularly about these actions, you can help Europe hold true to its promise of unity, tolerance and solidarity.

Find out more here

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