Call for papers: human security and migration

7th Graz Workshop on the Future of Security
26-27 November 2015 | University of Graz, Austria

Threats to human security and the phenomenon of migration are interconnected, multi-layered and occur along different lines and into various directions. Clear divisions are often difficult. Legal and political regimes and available corresponding discourses often conceal their biases and undergirding choices.

With that in mind, the following questions arise.

How do new threats to human security, i.e. “the right of people to live…free from poverty and despair” (UN Resolution A/RES/66/290), challenge conceptualizations of forced migration? Are new threats to human security reflected in political and legal approaches to migration? How does the production of regimes of unauthorized migrants impact on the human security, rights and well-being of the individual, the host or home communities? And who can or ought to be held responsible, legally, politically, socially, morally?

The Graz Workshop on the Future of Society is organising a conference on these questions.

The call for papers can be found here

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