“Migrants’ and children’s rights need better protection in the Netherlands”


Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, released a report after his visit to the Netherlands, stating that “The Netherlands has a solid human rights protection system, but in practice there are shortcomings, in particular as concerns migrants and children, that need to be addressed”.

Especially the extensive use of administrative detention of asylum seekers and immigrants concerns Muižnieks, since detention is a practice that is only allowed as a measure of last resort, for the shortest possible period of time and when no effective alternative is applicable. Addressing specifically the systematic detention of asylum seekers arriving at international (air)ports from non-Schengen countries, the Commissioner notes that unaccompanied minors are exempted from its application and that families with children are to be detained only in exceptional circumstances.

See here more information, and click here for the report.

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1 Response to “Migrants’ and children’s rights need better protection in the Netherlands”

  1. endimmigrationdetention says:

    there are always alternatives such as electronic devices or put them in a fenced in yard with freed to go anywhere in the building and yard whenever they want, run by social workers instead of jailers.
    even if they’re in jail, they should be allowed to go anywhere in the yard and not forced to wear prison uniforms. it seems like punishment and no other reason, because they cant leave anyway.
    and why shouldnt it be an electronic device, even if it is for 24 hours? cost much less than jail, and is much less work. they just put it on the person and leave, instead of the jailers taking the prisoners to eat three times and day and opening and closing the doors every time they go out, etc. it’s punishment and nothing else, even if for one day.

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