Israeli Supreme Court orders closing detention center. Again.

The Israeli High Court of Justice ordered the state on Monday to close the Holot detention facility for asylum seekers within 90 days, a dramatic decision that marked the first time the court has ever struck down two versions of the same law: the Anti-Infiltration Act. As part of its ruling, the High Court also overturned another provision of the same law that allowed asylum seekers who entered Israel illegally to be incarcerated without trial in a closed facility for up to a year.

Justice Uzi Vogelman, who wrote the majority ruling, termed conditions at the Holot detention center “wretched” and said the court was justified in overturning a law enacted by the Knesset for the second time because the legislation “violates human rights in an essential, deep and fundamental way.”

Last year, the Court had already ruled that African migrants and refugees could not be detained for 3 years without a trial. Dr. Reuben Ziegler, a member of this Interest Group, has written two publications on the infamous Anti-Infiltration Act and the rulings of the Court. These publications can be found here and here.

More on the recent judgment of the Court can be found here

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1 Response to Israeli Supreme Court orders closing detention center. Again.

  1. endimmigrationdetention says:

    what they dont tell you is that high court ruled the state of Israel can still imprison refugees for up to two months in a closed prison, with their small children and even babies, a prison shared with terrorists.
    i believe this too violates human rights in a deep and fundamental way. it’s better than the present situation, there’s no doubt about that. but if people are to be locked in a closed prison cell, make it a few hours. even 24 hours seem too long. and the whole lockup is unecessary anway, so why not just cancel it completely?
    at least if it was an open jail. i’ve heard many stories about people who were locked up for a few months and had commited suicide as a result. two months in a closed prison is no small deal, especially for children.
    they let them out anyway, and they’re just as likely to go underground as they would be if they wouldnt be locked up at all, so why do it? it’s so stupid.

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