RSDwatch states: ‘UNHCR is once again the world’s largest RSD adjudicator’

Michael Kagan has dissected and analysed the numbers on UNHCR refugee status determination and came up with not only interesting figures, but also a nice analogy with McDonalds…

The number of  people applying for individual refugee status determination at UNHCR offices around the world surged in 2013, with UNHCR receiving RSD applications for 195,376 people. The number of applicants had never approached this level before (Kagan has data going back to 1998). In previous years the number had hovered around 100,000, and had dipped below 50,000 in 2002. The number of applicants climbed in 2012 as well, to 110,698, up from 98,800 in 2011.

With the current surge, UNHCR is once again the world’s largest RSD adjudicator, exceeding Germany, the United States and South Africa in new applications. UNHCR now handles more than 20 percent of all individual RSD applications worldwide, compared to 11 percent in 2011.

Kagan has been following UNHCR’s RSD practices and procedures since 2005 at his weblog RSDwatch, which is part of a widening effort by grassroots refugee rights organizations to promote reform of the way UNHCR conducts refugee status determination. It has since become a portal for discussing the challenges involved in UNHCR RSD, and in collecting basic data about where and how UNHCR does so.

Read more about the figures and facts here

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