Membership of the International Association of Refugee Law Judges (IARLJ)

Exclusively for ESIL members, and especially interesting for members of the Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law: the International Association of Refugee Law Judges (the IARLJ) is offering an Associate Membership of the organization. Members can join for twelve months at the considerably reduced fee of 15 euro!

The IARLJ often involves academics and other types of associate member in its workshops and conferences. It is open for Associate Members to join various IARLJ Working Parties. This summer the IARLJ launched a (secure) Judges Forum for judges anywhere in Europe who are members to discuss ideas / problems and there is provision for members, whether judges or Associate Members, inside or outside Europe, to use it. Under the new constitution of the IARLJ, the association now covers judges involved in immigration as well as asylum cases. In addition to the above, the IARLJ is frequently asked by Taiex and other bodies to find judges and academics to assist with training of judges in Europe.

If you like more information, you can contact the IARLJ Secretariat in the Netherlands at info [at] iarlj [dot] org.

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