New book! On asylum policies in Australia

New book publiced by a member of the Interest Group
by Jane McAdam

Our IG-member Jane McAdam has written a book, together with Fiona Chong, on asylum policies in Australia: ‘Refugees. Why Seeking Asylum is Legal and Why Australia’s Policies Are Not’. 

Stopping the boats, blocking queue-jumpers and proving who is a ‘real’ refugee have become national obsessions. Misconceptions about refugees and asylum seekers seem to be increasing and governments and media continue to exploit anxieties in the community. This clear-headed book rejects spin and panic to explain what Australia’s obligations are and who the refugees and asylum-seekers are.

It shows that there is a gap between the rhetoric and the legislated rights of refugees, who have been resettled from camps abroad, and asylum seekers, who arrive by boat. It explains the difference between asylum seekers, refugees and migrants. It shows why our asylum-seeker policies, developed over decades, are at odds with the legal obligations we have signed up to. And using real-life examples, it reminds us that we’re talking about real people and their children.
You can order the book here
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