Statelessness within the EU and on the international agenda

Publication by a member of the Interest Group
by Tamás Molnár

Our member Tamás Molnár has written two publications on statelessness: a report on the Expert Meeting on Statelessness within the European Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum, and an article on Moving Statelessness Forward on the International Agenda.

The article aims at shedding more light on the recent re-emergence of the issue of statelessness on the international agenda, from a government perspective. It outlines what a government can do in order to address statelessness through foreign policy initiatives and to highlight the issue of protecting stateless persons in different international fora. The article can be found here

The report was the result of an expert meeting  which included many European countries, IOM, UNHCR and Tilburg University. The general objective of the meeting was to share the participating States’ views about the domestic implementation of the two UN Statelessness Conventions and the relevant national legislations and to initiate discussions on the identification, reduction and prevention of statelessness as well as on the legal protection of stateless persons, their legal status and the specific statelessness determination procedures. The report can be found here

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