Conference: ‘Higher Education, Mobility and Migration In and Out of Africa’

At the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna (Austria) from 19 – 21 June, 2014

Higher education is a central element to foster socio-economic development. It helps young people by providing them with professional qualifications, to establish themselves occupationally, and enabling them to become mobile in social and geographical terms. These issues are particularly important in Africa which is the only macro-region in the South where per capita income has declined over the last years, despite some economic growth, because of extremely high birth rates.

African governments recognize the importance of education for socio-economic development and increasingly invest also in higher education. The rapid expansion of universities, especially of private institutions, however, now is increasingly difficult because of the shortage of university teachers. As a consequence, the quality of education might suffer. Also the employment of university graduates is a problem given the weak development of modern industrial and service sector. Closely related to this is the issue of emigration of graduats (brain drain) toward Europe and America.

The conference shall discuss all relevant issues concerning the development, quality, and outcomes of higher education and university teaching and research in Africa from a comparative perspective, with a specific focus on relations between Africa and Europe. Furthermore, the conference shall provide a forum for both African and European social scientists in order to exchange relevant research findings across continents.

More information can be found here.

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